On-Site Recycling

KFM recycles antifreeze onsite, at your site, for a set price per gallon. We only require 120v current, a covered, securable area. We supply all necessary recycling equipment, supplies and blending additives. Location and volume dependent. Please contact us for details.

On-Site Antifreeze Management Programs

KFM can help you develop a recycling program and provide quality recycled antifreeze to your internal customers. Services include:

Picking up the spent antifreeze

Transporting it to the recycling center

Antifreeze grading, skimming, processing & post treatment blending

Redistribution of finished product

Educating the customers so they learn to minimize waste

On-site Pick up / Delivery

KFM does operate a service in which we go to our customer, pick up their used antifreeze and drop off the new product. We provide containers for the new and used product and charge one price per gallon for the service. Location and volume dependent. Please contact us for details.

On-site Training, Installation and Machine Maintenance

When you purchase a KFM Coolant Purification System, KFM takes the responsibility to thoroughly train your operators in the complete recycling operation, including grading, skimming, processing, post-processing treatment, blending, re-introducing the additives, and testing. Please contact us for details.