Antifreeze Recycler

KFM, LLC. manufacturers the Coolant Purification System™, which combines multi-stage filtering with duel resin bed technology to strip out the suspended solids, dissolved solids, and the worn out additive package leaving an end product of ethylene (or propylene) glycol and water. Then the mixture is brought up to specification by adjusting the freeze point and adding a pre-measured volume of corrosion inhibitors (additive package). The CPS is in service with both the government and commercial sectors and provides a cost effective solution to potentially serious environmental and maintenance issues

  • TACOM / TARDEC – approved
  • Runs up to 150 gallons/hour
  • Meets military specifications CID A-A-52624A
  • Meets the requirements of ASTM 6210
  • Requires only 120v AC current
  • Portable, no fixed installation
  • Simple to use and maintain
  • Up to 85% recovery from used
  • Reduces disposal costs and potential future off-site liabilities
  • Helps meet waste minimization goal

CPS Specifications

Install your own antifreeze recycling operation utilizing the KFM CPS™ in a mobile or fixed location environment. KFM provides the required ancillary equipment including:

  • Coolant Purification System (Recycler)
  • Deionization Tanks
  • Replacement resins
  • Drum Mixer
  • Oil Skimmer
  • pH Meter
  • Transfer Pump
  • Suction Wand Assembly
  • Filters
  • Additives
  • pH Adjuster
  • Refractometer

The CPS is available with one (P/N CC1) or two sets (P/N CC2) of deionization tanks plus related supplies and equipment through GSA Contract #07F-0075J.

To help us best configure an operation tailored to your onsite specifics, please contact us with this information:

  • Type of Business (egs: end user – government or commercial, distributor, recycler, etc)
  • Location
  • Type of AF to be recycled
  • Gallons per month to be recycled
  • What type of operation generates the AF? (Automotive, energy production, HVAC, etc)
  • Space restrictions: A typical small operation (50-100 gal/day) requires a space of about 15’ x 15’, not including extra drums, pallets, supplies, and walk ways.