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Customized antifreeze solutions for you


Antifreeze is the most difficult automotive fluid to recycle to military specifications?

KFM can.

Less than 10% of the industry output meets ASTM specifications?

KFM does.

KFM is the only antifreeze recycling manufacturer that provides on-site services and bulk blended recycled product?

KFM is.


offers the total antifreeze recycling package with an array of options for turning used antifreeze into quality reusable recycled product:

  • KFM manufactures the patented Coolant Purification System antifreeze recycler.
  • KFM offers blended, ready-to-use recycled antifreeze and ethylene glycol…by the truckload, drum, or pail.
  • KFM recycles antifreeze onsite for a firm, fixed price per gallon.
  • KFM helps set up and manage onsite antifreeze recycling programs.
  • KFM offers pickup and delivery services.
  • KFM provides personal on-site training, installation, and machine maintenance.
  • KFM can combine any of the above approaches for a site-specific program that meets your goals.

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